6 benefits of the temazcal

The temazcal is an ancient technique, inherited from our Mexica ancestors. Its name derives from the Nahuatl term temazcalli, which could be translated as “house or temple of steam” or “house where one sweats”. This technique is one of the most important and transcendent medicinal practices of Mesoamerican cultures, and its modern version still bears a strong relationship with that of yesteryear. 

Conceptually, the temazcal represents the maternal womb. All that is pure is found within. It is a small house, usually made of rock and mud, and porous volcanic stones heated to high temperatures are introduced to get the temperature higher. Later on, water is thrown in a process very similar to that of a sauna. 

The water is treated with aromatic and medicinal herbs beforehand, and a spiritual guide accompanies you throughout the process, reciting the ritual accompaniment of the purification process. 

The temazcal has survived the passage of time and the change of societies thanks to its incredible effects and benefits, which we will tell you all about below. 

It’s an excellent cleanser

The combination of heat and vapors inside the temazcal is excellent for cleaning the respiratory tract and stimulating the digestive system. It also helps relax the nervous system and strengthen the body against bone, muscle, and gynecological diseases. 

Increases blood flow

Inside the temazcal, the speed of blood circulation increases, as the heartbeat grows in power and frequency. This simulates what happens to your body when you exercise and gives you the same benefits, with less physical wear and tear. 

It has even been shown that the heat of the temazcal promotes the development of some proteins that strengthen the immune system, resulting in better long-term health. 

Strengthens your skin

The high temperatures that are reached inside the temazcal promote healthy sweating, making your body get rid of many toxins. As a result, the skin looks fresher and younger, as the pores are unclogged and cleansed. 

Fight sinusitis

The temazcal therapy helps to dilate the nasal passages and the respiratory system, effectively facilitating better breathing and reducing the effects of sinusitis, almost like a homemade nebulization with steam, but a thousand times better and with a characteristic aroma of medicinal herbs. 

Prevents insomnia

Being a deeply relaxing technique, the temazcal induces the body and mind to clear up and all pending and worries go away little by little. Additionally, the detoxification of harmful elements also helps you fall asleep, making episodes of insomnia less frequent. 

Facilitates the flow of emotions

In addition to helping you release sweat and toxins, the temazcal also facilitates the flow of emotions trapped within us. This experience will make you reconnect with your deepest being, and you will be able to discover a facet of yourself that you probably did not know. Inside, you will be able to meditate and have moments of introspection like never before. 

The temazcal is, without a doubt, an invaluable legacy of our ancestors. If you have the opportunity to enjoy a good session, do not let it pass you by.