Why do yoga? Here are a few reasons

The new year is getting closer and if you are one of those who always writes among their resolutions to exercise more or lead a healthier lifestyle, then you may want to consider signing up for a yoga class a week, maybe even two. This exercise is an excellent alternative for those who are looking for physical activity to stay flexible, stimulate muscles, and strengthen circulation, while also being great fun, especially when doing it with more people. 

Through yoga, you can explore and expand the limits of your own body, as well as reconnect with your deepest self and give yourself a moment of reflection to clarify your ideas; there’s a reason why this technique of Hindu origin has positioned itself so strongly in recent years. 

Today, we share with you some reasons to try and encourage you into taking a good yoga class with your trusted instructor: 

Yoga has medicinal properties

In recent years, numerous scientific tests and controlled studies have indicated that yoga has many medicinal properties. Not only does it help keep stress at bay, which is great in itself, but also helps control high blood pressure, relieve tension-related back pain, and make it easier to sleep, as it’s a very effective relaxant that relies on habits and does not generate addictions, unlike drugs or “miraculous” teas. 

For the elderly, this activity is also a great way to stay active, without overtaxing your body. Many may think of extravagant or very demanding poses when they hear the word “yoga”, but in reality, there is something for all levels and tastes. 

No need to be fearless

Continuing with the previous idea, you will surely find a group or a yoga class tailored to your needs near your home. It is common to think that this sport is only for those who have a lot of strength or flexibility, but there are different levels of difficulty and a wide array of approaches. It is not the same to talk about Hatha yoga as yin yoga – although the first one is about developing the physical aspect, the second is much calmer and slower, perfect for combating stress. 

If you don’t want to or can’t do flips, that’s more than fine! It is not a gymnastics competition. In fact, it is not any kind of competition. Yoga is about you, what your body needs, what it can do, and how you can become more in tune with yourself. Anyone can do yoga, even people who have some type of motor disability. The only requirement to do yoga is knowing how to breathe and wanting to learn more about yourself. 

Yoga doesn’t hurt

The approach yoga has to health is very different from the western idea of ​​exercise. Here, the philosophy of “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply, because the goal of yoga is not to burn calories. The ancient texts, in fact, say that the posture in yoga should be “fixed and comfortable”, “relaxed and stable” or “soft and calm”. If you force your body to reach a certain position, you are doing another type of exercise similar to calisthenics or even gymnastics. 

Yoga is gradual, calm, and gentle, to stretch the muscles and gradually regain mobility. If you’re in pain, you probably need help from a certified instructor to adjust your method and refine your approach. 

If you want to start exploring the wonderful world of yoga, we recommend you check out our special section and contact us if you need more information. Namaste!